Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Youth For Equality

The movement started in april 2006 under the forum Youth For Equality initiated by Delhi medical students from AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), MAMC (Maulana Azad Medical College), LHMC (Lady Hardinge Medical College) and UCMS (University College Of Medical College) but it was no longer restricted to these handful of colleges. Within a few months Yfe was a slogan of students not just in Delhi or India but it even stroved Indians abroad including DU (Delhi University) , JNU (Jawahar Lal University) and many more colleges and institutions. The movement went on until we achieved our demands.
Nothing has changed till now, neither our demands nor the ulterior motives of the politicians merely playing for their votebanks,,, just that the flame is on after a period of time... and its for us now to keep this flame burning with even more spirits and even more enthusiasm.

Who are we?

We are the same people who were in the main be it before two years or as of now... (earlier as ) and we seek every Indian citizen's support as one of your own kind, not as any Political party or an NGO. Till now we have gained support from various colleges but we still need more..
...more suppport
...more people to stand for the cause,
and more voices ... so much to be heard by deaf politicians.

What do we want?

We are not against affirmative action but we definitely oppose a reservation policy based solely on the criterion of caste.We believe that any form of reservation, if at all it should exist , should be

1) Temporary and
2) Should take into consideration the three main causes of inequality in our country , namely economic inequality, regional inequality and gender based inquality.

What can we do to achieve the same?

  • MOBILIZE PEOPLE as much as we can. via media, demonstrations, signature campaigns etc.
  • LEGAL RECOURSE. (which could no longer be relied upon after hearing the Supreme court's verdict recently but the progressions are still under process to somehow awaken the dead consciences of the govt.)

To be a part of this organisation you dont necessarily need to come up to streets and face water cannons or violence of police. You can still do a lot.. Just contact us and register your details on the following contacts.

Views and suggestions of any kind on the issue are invited.

Our Contacts-

YFE Media Cell- 011 65099294

Dr Anirudh Lochan- 9891287076

Varun Kapur- 9871770231

Ranjan Agrawal- 9891196226

e-mail us at -

you can even visit our new website-

I know its a mammoth task but not impossible, n it needs doing.. We dont have much time.. So let us join our hands to eradicate this curse from the dictionary of India.

The question is not who will allow us...rather who is going to stop us create revoke a constitutional amendements. Lets take a step back in constitution to take a step forward in time.


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