Friday, May 23, 2008

Step Up..

It is that time again. Those who would have us believe that our voices don`t matter once again raise their heads.
It is that time again. The bull is to be taken by horns.
It is that time again. The fires have been lit.
Y4E lives again.
The time is now . We must join together and save this great nation from those who harm it.
Delhi has struck again with indefinite hunger strike beginning on 22 nd may. We call on you to join in the fight against caste based reservation.

Its a request to all Y4E friends to come up in there respective colleges with anti reservation movements which can start from as simple to candle light marches to any level you can take it. Send us pictures from your protests to boost it as a nation wide movement.

Join hands for this noble cause because Its now or never.

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