Saturday, May 31, 2008

Support Rally from MAMC to Jantar Mantar

The rally turned out to be a huge achievement. People turned up in large numbers to support Youth for Equality. There was a crowd of over 3000 people marching from MAMC to the heart of Delhi. This time the rally included not only students from Delhi but from colleges outside Delhi. The Delhi Police made provisions for a peaceful support rally. A street play depicting how the reservations have come into being was performed.


The rally ended in the center of Delhi, at Jantar Mantar, where the participants took an oath (led by Dr. Lochan), and decided to continue with the agitation. The undermentioned oath proclaimed that the youth will show their strength and solidarity in their fight for justice.



We, the YOUTH of India, swear that today, in the center of delhi, we have shown our strength, we have shown the country what the Youth can do. Now the time has come to show the Congress party what we will do. We hearby swear that from this moment on, each and every second of our life, we will campaign against the Congress party. This is the time and they have to listen. We will make them pay.


We thank the people who turned up at the rally for their support, and the Delhi Police for their arrangements and cooperation.

As of today, colleges outside Delhi that have joined us in our quest for justice include: 

  • BHU Medical College
  • BHU School of Social Sciences
  • Udaipur Medical College
  • Bikaner Medical College
  • VSS Medical College, Burla, Orissa
  • SCB Medical College, Cuttack, Orissa
  • MKCG Medical College, Behrampur, Orissa

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Youth for Equality & You
( We, Youth for Equality, are trying to prevent the country being torn apart due to the various CASTE BASED DIVISIVE POLITICS of the government. We are NOT AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF ANY CASTE OR COMMUNITY but we are against the caste based politics of the government which has been ineffective in helping the needy for the past 60 yrs.

Roll back of reservation and all government policies based on caste.

Immediate Demands:
Redefining the other backward classes not on the basis of caste but on an individual basis including economic criteria.
Issue a notification of a fresh list of OBC beneficiaries.
No reservation after graduation/educational forwardness.
Implementation of the Right to education act within 6 months.
Written assurance that no reservation in private sector, judiciary and defense sector will be implemented.
Constitution of a collegium on the acts and the observations made by the Hon’ble Chief justice of India on the 16th of May 2008.

Indefinite Hunger Strike:
Students from various colleges of Delhi (including Maulana Azad Med College, University College of Med Sciences, Lady Hardinge Med College, Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences) have been sitting on INDEFINITE HUNGER STRIKE SINCE 22ND MAY, 2008. All they want from you is your support and participation for our common good. It is only our inevitable duty to prevent this path of self destruction of our country.

A massive rally is being organized this Saturday (31 may, 2008) at 2:00 PM from the grounds of Maulana Azad Medical College to JANTAR MANTAR. Do come and support our common cause. Also invite your friends and family – spread the word.
This is your fight too.
Venue-Maulana azad medical collge,Dilli gate,near ITO

Contact us at
dr.aniirudh lochan 9891287076
dr kaushal 9868340420
ranjan agrawal 9891196226
himanshu bayana 9910893559

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Successful Rally from MAMC to Vir Bhumi !!!

A silent rally took place today from MAMC to Vir Bhumi. Over 2000 students turned up to be a part of this noble cause. Participants ranged from all the medical colleges and other prestigious institutes housed in Delhi such as JNU and DU.

This video shot in real time is glimpse of this revolution building up in our life.

Please be a part of this fight for our rights !!

Spread the word ..........

P.S. : Check this corner for further updates .....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Appeal from Youth for Equality

Hunger strike Day 5 26 May 2008

We , the students of Maulana Azad Med College, Lady Hardinge Med College, University College of Med Sciences, All India Institute of Med Sciences and Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences have been sitting on hunger strike for last 90 hrs (still going on). plus Indraprasth University and Jawaharlal Nehru University have unofficially joined us for the same.. Our demands are as follows:

1) roll back of all reservation based on caste.
2) Implementation of the Right to education act – which guarantees free, compulsory and quality education, a fundamental right of every child.
3) A collegium against the present Chief Justice of India, Mr. Balakrishnan.- who has recently claimed that the concept of creamy layer applies to a community instead of an individual, effectively doing away with the need to exclude this layer from the ambit of reservation.

- We seek support from all Indians, including you, as we stand together for a noble cause.
- We are students who should be studying but we have been pushed to such a futile situation that we are forced to take such desperate measures.

We have been constantly receiving support from eminent personalities like:

- IIT professor, ex director and padma bhushan awardee Indire Sen
- Eminent lawyers from the Supreme court of India.
- Prominent motivational speakers and authors

What you can do for us:

- register yourself at
- regularly visit us at and apprise yourself of our activities we plan and welcome you to take part in.
- become part of the Y4E planning and organizing committee or as a volunteer – we need manpower
- make copies of this brochure and distribute among neighbours, close friends and relatives.
- Any other way to help us, including suggestions, you find appropriate.

Contact us:
Y4E media cell: 011 – 65099294
Dr Kaushal: 9868340420
Dr Anirudh: 9891287076
Write to us at:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our works till now.

24rth april- YFE observes black day
25th april- YFE staged a protest rally at the Supreme Court and demanded the Government to implement the recent Supreme Court verdict in letter and spirit. AGAINST ALL ODDS: YFE INSISTS 'DO NOT MURDER SUPREME COURT'
6th may- Massive protest at Connaught place. Massive protest by YFE at Cannought Place
19th May- Candlelight vigil at Jantar Mantar with a demand to meet Rahul Gandhi
22nd May- Indefinite Hunger Strike started at MAMC. (Central Library plaza). YFEians start hunger strike in Delhi -
23rd May- IInd day of hunger strike. plus a candle light march at MAMC campus.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Step Up..

It is that time again. Those who would have us believe that our voices don`t matter once again raise their heads.
It is that time again. The bull is to be taken by horns.
It is that time again. The fires have been lit.
Y4E lives again.
The time is now . We must join together and save this great nation from those who harm it.
Delhi has struck again with indefinite hunger strike beginning on 22 nd may. We call on you to join in the fight against caste based reservation.

Its a request to all Y4E friends to come up in there respective colleges with anti reservation movements which can start from as simple to candle light marches to any level you can take it. Send us pictures from your protests to boost it as a nation wide movement.

Join hands for this noble cause because Its now or never.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Youth For Equality

The movement started in april 2006 under the forum Youth For Equality initiated by Delhi medical students from AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), MAMC (Maulana Azad Medical College), LHMC (Lady Hardinge Medical College) and UCMS (University College Of Medical College) but it was no longer restricted to these handful of colleges. Within a few months Yfe was a slogan of students not just in Delhi or India but it even stroved Indians abroad including DU (Delhi University) , JNU (Jawahar Lal University) and many more colleges and institutions. The movement went on until we achieved our demands.
Nothing has changed till now, neither our demands nor the ulterior motives of the politicians merely playing for their votebanks,,, just that the flame is on after a period of time... and its for us now to keep this flame burning with even more spirits and even more enthusiasm.

Who are we?

We are the same people who were in the main be it before two years or as of now... (earlier as ) and we seek every Indian citizen's support as one of your own kind, not as any Political party or an NGO. Till now we have gained support from various colleges but we still need more..
...more suppport
...more people to stand for the cause,
and more voices ... so much to be heard by deaf politicians.

What do we want?

We are not against affirmative action but we definitely oppose a reservation policy based solely on the criterion of caste.We believe that any form of reservation, if at all it should exist , should be

1) Temporary and
2) Should take into consideration the three main causes of inequality in our country , namely economic inequality, regional inequality and gender based inquality.

What can we do to achieve the same?

  • MOBILIZE PEOPLE as much as we can. via media, demonstrations, signature campaigns etc.
  • LEGAL RECOURSE. (which could no longer be relied upon after hearing the Supreme court's verdict recently but the progressions are still under process to somehow awaken the dead consciences of the govt.)

To be a part of this organisation you dont necessarily need to come up to streets and face water cannons or violence of police. You can still do a lot.. Just contact us and register your details on the following contacts.

Views and suggestions of any kind on the issue are invited.

Our Contacts-

YFE Media Cell- 011 65099294

Dr Anirudh Lochan- 9891287076

Varun Kapur- 9871770231

Ranjan Agrawal- 9891196226

e-mail us at -

you can even visit our new website-

I know its a mammoth task but not impossible, n it needs doing.. We dont have much time.. So let us join our hands to eradicate this curse from the dictionary of India.

The question is not who will allow us...rather who is going to stop us create revoke a constitutional amendements. Lets take a step back in constitution to take a step forward in time.