Thursday, July 3, 2008

Join us..

YFE's still in action.. but we need support of all those who care abt themselves being Indians n for their country to the most..

It's high time we step forward n realise our duties so as to be able to enjoy our rights..

Register urself and send us u'r contacts to ..
you can even send it as a comment to this post... so that u cd be updated with our upcoming actions n ideas..
Make sure u add u'r
1, name,
2, institute's name,
3, e-mail id's and
4, contact numbers (if feasible)
Comments n suggestins r invited..
let's stand up for the cause... before it's too late to realise...

YFE Delhi.


mani said...

myselves ankit kansal
I am currently a student of IIT DELHI.
and my email id is

Also,if feasible...put in the demands to review the SC/ST quota that had been existing for quite a long time now....

Lynelle said...

Good post.